Aaranyaa White Wonder Fairness Cream SPF 20

This unique blend of essential herbs improves skin tone and texture thereby providing glow and radiance to skin.

Aqua::Stearic Acid::Glycerine::CCTG::Emulsifying Wax::Octyl Methyl Cinnamate::Titanium dioxide::Triethanolamine::Niacinamide::Polysorbate 20::Soya oil::Benzophenone ::Dimethicone::Benzyl Alcohol::Azeloglicina::Potassium Sorbate::Allantoin::Sodium Benzoate::Carbomar::Xanthan Gum::Extracts of Licorice::Ashwagandha::Gotokula::Hyaluronic Acid .

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