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Aaranyaa ...... skin care naturally
Aaranyaa, our brand name, is derived from a Sanskrit word which means forest. It signifies nature, the treasure of resources used in ayurvedic system of skin care and health care in ancient India. Aaranyaa products are outcome of extensive research on the efficacy of skin care products which are based on amino acids derived from Indian fruits, mainly amla, mango, tomato, and tamarind, and blended with herbal extracts, essential oils and other organic ingredients used in modern technology. These products exhibit properties of exfoliation and anti-oxidant several times more than products based on hydroxy acids. These products also provide the essential nutrients required for a healthy skin. All products are predominantly water based which are quickly absorbed to provide nourishment to skin cells deep in the sub layers as well.
Hair Care  Rich nutrients and actives in our hair care products provide proper nourishment to hair follicles, and ensure cleanliness of scalp and protection from UV rays, dust, and pollutants. The products are unique blend of Indian herbs, essential oils and organic ingredients that provide proteins, and vitamins A, B6, B12, and C which are essential for hair.   
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